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Safety Supervision & Operation

We have a number of professional crews to guarantee the quality power supply, and to ensure that magnetic flywheel generators and other advanced equipments are successfully exploited to facilitate the power supply for the military areas, the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, and 2011 Universiade in Shenzhen.

We were the first within the CSG system to summarize a set of measures and mechanisms to guarantee the power supply for major events of megalopolises.

We have 1045 transformation substation managerial technicians in total working in the 251 substations in our city day and night. In addition to daily inspections, they are also responsible for the maintenance, power cut and electricity testing of station equipments with utmost care. 

360 transmission managerial staffs maintain 4,871.5km of overhead lines and 578.4km of cable lines day and night. They check every power tower and power line to find out the operating status of the lines so that they can find any possible defect in the power lines and dangers against safe operation in order to achieve Zero Danger and Risk in its power transmission. The dispatchers are 24 hours on duty, directing site operators or automatic controlling equipments for adjustments by sending out operating instructions through the phone or automatic system to guarantee safe and stable operation, reliable power supply and orderly power production of the power grid.

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