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GZPS is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSG. It takes on the important task which supplies power for 10 administrative districts and 2 county-level cities of Guangzhou with a power supply area of 7,434 square kilometers and a client number of 4.7 million.


GZPS practices actively its core value‘A Myriad of Twinkling Lights Great Rapport of CSG’and ranks No.1 in the customer satisfaction investigation conducted by a third party for 12 consecutive years. According to the third-party survey conducted by Gallup, the customer satisfaction about Guangzhou power supply ranks top 30% of outstanding enterprises in Gallup’s global database.


We are committed to providing safer, more reliable and more stable power.

Guangzhou power grid is one of the power grids in China which supply most reliable power.

In 2012, GZPS won the honor ‘National Power Supply Reliability Grade-A Enterprise’.

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