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Customers Service

Maybe you have ever heard of us but never met us.Guangzhou Power Supply The 95598 call center of GZPS, the first call center with a CCCS five-star certification of CSG, was established on December 28, 2001. It offers 24-hour ceaseless service for customers and it is connected with the 110 social linkage center networks.

Maybe you have seen our smiles before.We provide a wide range of power supply services for 10 administrative districts and two county-level cities of Guangzhou, serving 4.7 million clients in total. In 2007, we set up the first 24 hour self-service business hall in China. In 2012, we have built more than 150 citywide 24-hour service stations. In 2010, the on-line business was put into operation. You can have access to our various services without leaving your home, simply by clicking the website: 95598.guangzhou.csg.cn/.

Maybe you have witnessed our hard work.In 2011, the first power supply service demonstration community in Guangzhou was established. And currently there are 260 communities with 300 client managers in Guangzhou.

Maybe you have noticed our figures. We have 31 shifts of emergency repair and 108 shifts of operational maintenance. We arrange technicians on-call for 24 hours to maintain 25,969 public electrical equipment rooms, 30,488 public transformers, 29,847.12km of 10kV line and 86,617.96km of low voltage power supply line.

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