The Strategies of GZps

The strategies of GZPS are to undertake social responsibilities actively, to make every effort to provide quality power supply, and to become a world class power enterprise with good service, good management and good image.

The Strategic Positioning:

The strategic positioning of GZPS is to provide safe, reliable, high-quality and economical power supply for the rapid development of Guangzhou.

The strategic goal of GZPS is to become a world class power supply enterprise by the end of 2011 through unremitting efforts towards excellence. In detail we are aiming at:

1) Maintaining a global leader in power supply safety record and pursuing internationally advanced level in safety management.

2) Reducing the outage time to the advanced level of comparable cities internationally.

3) Accelerating the promotion of power supply capacity to better meet the rapid-developing electricity demand in Guangzhou.

4) Strengthening customer service to achieve the advanced level of comparable cities internationally.

5) Optimizing controllable unit cost of power supply to reach the medium level of comparable large cities internationally.

The Development Ideas for the future

Corresponding to the overall strategies of CSG and according to the development ideas ‘Strengthening, Innovating and Leading’, GZPS emphasizes the innovations of management, technology and corporate culture to achieve the modernization of power grid, the modernization of management, the maximization of social benefit and economic benefit. And it aims to be a world class power supply bureau by the end of 2011 , which will help Guangdong Power Grid Corporation to enter international advanced ranks.

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